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Top Ways Braces Can Change Your Life in a Positive Way

June 14, 2024

Most people know that braces help straighten teeth. But did you know that straight teeth can have a big impact on your health, quality of life, and self-image? If you are considering braces for adults, teens or children, it’s beneficial to know the many ways in which braces can change your life in a positive way.

How will braces change my life?

Improved confidence. If you look in the mirror, smile, and don’t like the appearance of your teeth, braces are the answer! When you love your reflection, it boosts your confidence. Improved confidence can help improve your personal life, social life and professional life.

Relief from headaches and jaw pain. Misaligned teeth cause some people to suffer from headaches and TMJ pain. If you are suffering from headaches, jaw pain or ear pain, the alignment of your teeth might be the source of the problem. Braces can help!

Reduce teeth chips. If your teeth protrude or if your bite does not come together properly, you are at a higher risk of chipping them. When orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth, they will be less susceptible to chipping or breaking due to an injury or accident.

Simpler to clean your teeth. Crooked and overlapping teeth are challenging to clean. When two or more teeth are too close together, they cannot be brushed properly. This makes it difficult to remove food particles that get stuck. The result is often bad breath, tooth decay, and food getting lodged in between teeth that you can’t feel – but that others can see.

Reduce speech problems. If you suffer from a speech issue because of misaligned teeth, braces can help. A speech problem can negatively affect your life in many ways. From childhood bullying to being denied a job as an adult, a speech issue due to orthodontic issues is something that is important to address at the youngest age possible.

Easier to chew food. Do you avoid certain foods because they are too difficult to bite or chew? Avoiding food, especially healthy food such as hard fruits and vegetables, because you cannot bite or chew properly is unfortunate. Straight teeth help solve this problem.

Fewer cavities and gum problems. When it’s nearly impossible to clean your teeth properly because of misaligned, crooked or crowded teeth, the result is often cavities and periodontal disease. Straight teeth are important because healthy teeth and gums have an impact on your overall health.

People will compliment you. What’s better than a stranger complimenting your beautiful smile? Not only will strangers notice your straight teeth, but people you know will also comment on your enviable smile. When your orthodontic treatment is over, get ready for others to say nice things about your smile for many years to come!

You’ll smile more. When you know your teeth are straight and your smile looks fantastic, you’ll want to show it more often. People who smile often seem happier and more satisfied with their life. This can result in personal and professional success.

The first step is to schedule your free consultation at either our Lake Mary or Longwood offices. Dr. Cara Wiewiora and Dr. Rick Dunn are both happy to answer any questions you may have.

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