Invisalign® Retainers

At Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics, we prioritize the long-term success of your orthodontic treatment! We provide Invisalign retainers after you complete Invisalign or braces treatment to  ensure that your beautiful new smile lasts a lifetime.

Upper and Lower Clear Removable Retainers

We provide both an upper and lower clear removable retainer after braces or Invisalign treatment. These retainers are specifically designed to be worn at night to prevent your teeth from shifting out of place and “relapsing” to their original positions, pre-treatment. 

Lower Permanent Bonded Retainer for Extreme Crowding

For patients with extreme crowding, we may recommend a lower permanent bonded retainer. This wire retainer is placed on the back of your teeth and offers additional, consistent support for alignment. 

However, it’s important to note that even with the bonded retainer, you will still need to wear the removable lower retainer at night. This combination ensures that all your teeth are held securely in their proper positions, as the bonded wire only extends from canine to canine (covering six teeth).

Efficient Scanning Process

To create your custom Invisalign retainers after treatment, we utilize the advanced iTero®  scanning technology. When your treatment is complete, we perform a scan of your teeth and order custom retainers based on these precise digital impressions. This advanced scanning process ensures accurate and comfortable retainers that perfectly fit your teeth.

Convenient Delivery and Check-up

Approximately one week after ordering your retainers, we will deliver them to you! During this appointment, we will take a photo of your teeth and check the fit of the retainers to ensure that they are providing optimal support. If you have undergone Invisalign treatment, you’ll be advised to to wear your last tray at night to prevent any shifting.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing with our Invisalign retainers cost! The cost of the retainers and all associated services is included in your initial treatment fee. In the event that a second set of retainers is needed at the deband appointment, we offer a $100 discount, making the total cost $200. If a set of retainers is lost in the future and needs to be reordered, the cost is $300.

Benefits of Timely Retainer Replacement

One of the key benefits of our retainers is that as long as you contact us and order a lost retainer before any shifting occurs, we will always have the 3D model of your teeth from your last appointment. This allows us to recreate your retainers based on the accurate position of your teeth, ensuring the best fit and alignment. The cost for ordering a replacement retainer in such cases is $150 per tray.

Still have questions about Invisalign retainers?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We want you to experience a successful orthodontic treatment and we do everything we can to help you maintain your beautiful new smile. 

Dr. Wiewiora, Dr. Dunn and our team are here to provide you with all of the information you need! Ready to begin your transformation? Request your complimentary consultation with us in Longwood or Lake Mary today.

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    What Invisalign Can Fix

    Not only does Invisalign fix your smile, but it prevents potential oral disasters. Visit our office in Lake Mary or Longwood to get a quick digital scan and be on your way to a perfect smile with Invisalign!

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    Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics Does Digital Impressions

    Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics uses an iTero® Element™ scanner that takes accurate and precise digital impressions of your mouth without any of the discomfort and messiness of traditional impressions. The iTero® Element™ scanner creates a 3D image of your teeth in minutes. The accuracy and precision of the digital scanner allows for a better aligner fit. The digital scanner gives you insight into the state of your teeth, providing an outcome simulator that will show you what your smile will look like and a progress assessment that tracks how your aligners have helped your teeth. Our practice is continually striving to provide our patients with the latest technology and advancements in orthodontics. This is why we utilize iTero® digital impressions.

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