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Invisalign® Attachments

These attachments are tiny and tooth-colored to blend in with the natural appearance of the teeth. They work by minimizing the space between an individual tooth and the aligner, to apply extra pressure on that tooth (or teeth).

Though many complex orthodontic conditions can be treated with Invisalign alone, some cases require additional care when aligning the teeth and bite. That’s when Invisalign attachments come into play!

What if my Invisalign attachment falls off?

Invisalign attachments fall off sometimes—it happens! Similar to metal braces, if you exert too much force on your Invisalign attachments, you may break or loosen your appliance.

If your Invisalign attachment falls off, please give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled to visit us as soon as possible to replace the attachment. We don’t want your attachment off for too long, because we don’t want your teeth shifting back to their original position.

If you still have the attachment, place it in a ziploc bag and bring it with you to your appointment. These buttons are temporarily bonded to specific teeth to facilitate quicker movement and are available at our Longwood and Lake Mary orthodontic offices.

Eating with Invisalign attachments

Eating with Invisalign attachments is similar to eating with braces. You have to be considerate of your attachments to avoid damaging them or popping one out of place. Stay away from hard, chewy, or sticky foods and candies.

Because these buttons are bonded directly to the teeth, many patients wonder about Invisalign attachments staining their teeth. This is possible if you aren’t cautious with your diet. Foods and beverages with strong dyes or colorings should be avoided, and it’s a good idea to drink coffee with a straw.

If your teeth end up stained from your Invisalign attachments, don’t worry! Once your attachments are removed, you can whiten your teeth to treat your stains.

Have questions about Invisalign attachments?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to answer all of your questions. You can give us a call at either of our locations in Longwood or Lake Mary, Florida.

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