Invisalign for Adults

Orthodontic treatment from our Lake Mary and Longwood orthodontic offices has no age limit! Braces and Invisalign are for anyone who wants to achieve their most confident smile.

Invisalign is a popular choice for patients who prefer a virtually-invisible, comfortable and convenient adult orthodontic treatment. With this modern form of clear braces for adults, our patients can straighten their teeth and realign their bite with confidence!

Why Invisalign for Adults?

Adult Invisalign has many benefits! These clear aligners are specially designed for maximum comfort and maximum effectiveness.

Invisalign clear aligners are custom-designed just for your teeth. Using our highly-advanced iTero® scanner, our orthodontists (Dr. Wiewiora and Dr. Dunn) will make precise digital impressions of your smile. We use these impressions to custom-design your aligners for a comfortable fit.

One of the most popular treatment options in adult orthodontics, Invisalign allows for greater hygiene than traditional braces. These aligners are removable and can be taken out to eat food, brush teeth, and floss teeth. With no metal brackets or wires for food to get stuck, Invisalign empowers adults to maintain a spotless, debris-free smile throughout the day.

When is it too late to get braces?

Never! Beautiful teeth never go out of style. We offer Invisalign for adults, because we know the stigma associated with orthodontic treatment. On the contrary, orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teens and it’s never too late to begin your journey to a beautiful smile.

That’s why we provide our adult patients with favorable options in treatment! You get to choose the treatment that suits your preferences best.

Conditions Treated with Invisalign for Adults

We can treat a wide range of orthodontic conditions with Invisalign for adults.

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Poor bite conditions (overbite, underbite, cross bite, open bite)
  • Spaced teeth

We also use Invisalign attachments for cases that require some additional care. These specialized appliances enable us to move individual teeth for a more efficient treatment. See what these tiny buttons can do!

How do I know if I’m a candidate for Invisalign?

If you’re interested in Invisalign treatment, we encourage you to request a complimentary orthodontic exam with us or get started with a virtual consultation! Dr. Wiewiora or Dr. Dunn will examine your smile, take x-rays and diagnostic photos, and discuss your goals and any concerns you may have.

We provide complimentary orthodontic exams and consultations, because we genuinely want what’s best for you and your smile. You deserve to be informed about your current smile condition, without breaking the bank!

All you have to do is request your free first visit at our orthodontist office in Lake Mary or Longwood, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How much does Invisalign for adults cost?

The cost of Invisalign in Lake Mary and Longwood is affordable with Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics! We offer a number of affordable payment plans to help you manage your Invisalign cost. We also offer discounts for patients’ family members and for patients who use Medicaid.

See the full Invisalign process!

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    What Invisalign Can Fix

    Not only does Invisalign fix your smile, but it prevents potential oral disasters. Visit our office in Lake Mary or Longwood to get a quick digital scan and be on your way to a perfect smile with Invisalign!

    iTero element

    Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics Does Digital Impressions

    Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics uses an iTero® Element™ scanner that takes accurate and precise digital impressions of your mouth without any of the discomfort and messiness of traditional impressions. The iTero® Element™ scanner creates a 3D image of your teeth in minutes. The accuracy and precision of the digital scanner allows for a better aligner fit. The digital scanner gives you insight into the state of your teeth, providing an outcome simulator that will show you what your smile will look like and a progress assessment that tracks how your aligners have helped your teeth. Our practice is continually striving to provide our patients with the latest technology and advancements in orthodontics. This is why we utilize iTero® digital impressions.

    How To Pay For Invisalign®