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family smiles after learning how old you have to be to get invisalign

If you’re thinking you and your child may need orthodontic treatment, getting a complimentary exam is the best way to find out! But you may also be wondering if Invisalign is an option for them and you. This is a[…]

Starting orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign® for the first time is undeniably an adjustment! If you recently scheduled your child’s free consultation and your child is feeling a bit nervous about what’s to come, or your child just started[…]

Parents, we know you want the best for your child! Whether your child still has a smile full of baby teeth, or their permanent teeth have made an appearance, you’ve probably wondered, “How do I know if my child needs[…]

Invisalign® clear aligners were a revolutionary orthodontic treatment when they hit the market in the 90’s and have stayed a favorite since! In fact, there’s been an increase in their popularity among teens and adults since 2020. With these clear[…]

Maybe you’ve heard of “virtual orthodontic consultations” recently but aren’t sure what exactly these entail. After all, virtual consultations are relatively new! We’re here to answer your questions and tell you everything you need to know about virtual orthodontic consultations.[…]

If you often find stains on your teeth, yellowing on your teeth, or even start to notice a cavity appearing, you may be wondering why and how this keeps happening. Sometimes the beverages you drink can be to blame! But[…]

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