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Think Twice About Skipping an Orthodontic Appointment

June 14, 2024

Are you thinking about canceling your next orthodontic appointment because you’re too busy? If so, Dr. Cara Wiewiora and Dr. Rick Dunn say please don’t. If you’re currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, it’s important not to miss your scheduled appointments. Things come up in everyone’s life that makes it necessary to postpone a visit from time to time. But it’s never advisable to skip an appointment entirely without rescheduling it as soon as possible.

Missing an orthodontic appointment is not recommended for several reasons. The most obvious is that it can prolong your treatment. Prolonged treatment means you’ll be in braces longer. Most people want to wear braces for the shortest time possible. This is why attending every scheduled appointment is essential.

Following are examples of important reasons to not skip an orthodontic appointment:

Your braces require adjustments

If you are wearing metal braces, ceramic braces, platinum gold braces, or any other type that utilize brackets and wires, they need periodic adjustments. Alterations to or “tightening” your braces cause your teeth to move into correct alignment gradually. For the fastest movement possible, we typically adjust braces every 6-8 weeks.

You might need rubber bands

At your regular orthodontic appointments, we evaluate your teeth and your progress. If you require rubber bands, we provide them and teach you how to place them on your brackets. A skipped appointment means we have to wait several weeks until we can assess your teeth and decide whether or not you need rubber bands.

We monitor the health of your teeth

During your periodic orthodontic appointments, we evaluate your teeth and gums and make sure everything looks healthy. Many patients have difficulty keeping their teeth clean while wearing braces. Every time we see you, we examine your mouth for signs of poor brushing or flossing. This gives us the chance to remind or teach you how to keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition for the duration of your orthodontic treatment.

Wearing braces too long is not advisable

The longer you wear braces, the harder it is to keep your teeth clean and your gums in great shape. Everyone wearing braces knows how difficult it is to floss! Also, we don’t want your teeth to reach a plateau for optimal movement. Essentially, getting you in and out of braces as quickly as possible is your goal and our goal.

We Like Seeing You… Often

It might seem like you’re at our Longwood or Lake Mary offices very frequently during your orthodontic treatment. The truth is, you are! Regular adjustment appointments are typically required every 6-8 weeks. Nonetheless, every visit has an important purpose. And, the same is true for our Invisalign patients.

If you are unable to make it to a scheduled appointment, please contact us as soon as possible. It’s important to let us know you can’t be here so that we can give your allotted time to another patient. We realize that life is busy, which is why we are happy to reschedule your visit for a more convenient day and time. Our mission is improving lives for our valued patients one smile at a time!

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