The Motion 3D Class III Appliance is a minimally invasive appliance intended to treat Class III malocclusions without extractions, painful orthognathic surgery or traditionally uncomfortable and obtrusive facemasks. This appliance is as easy to place as a bracket or buccal tube, and is designed to provide predictable results and create a harmonious, balanced profile, all while preserving the patient’s natural features. Intra-oral elastics connect the appliance with maxillary anchorage to activate the mandibular posterior segment and to move it bodily as a block for an ideal Class I malocclusion. Once the ideal platform is achieved, brackets or aligners are then placed to finish the case.

Facemasks – or reverse-pull headgear – is an orthodontic appliance typically used in growing patients to correct “underbites” (technically termed Class-III orthodontic problems) by pulling forward and assisting the growth of the upper jaw (maxilla). This interceptive measure can help the size of the lower jaw (mandible) to “catch up.”

Facemasks need to be worn approximately eight to 10 hours a day to be truly effective in correcting the underbite – usually anywhere from 10 to 12 months, depending on the severity of the bite and how much a patient is growing. Reverse Pull Headgear therapy is often to growing patients only.

The appliance normally consists of a frame or center bars that are strapped to the patient’s head during a fitting appointment. The frame has a section which is positioned in front of the patient’s mouth, which allows for the attachment of elastic or rubber bands directly into the mouth area. These elastics are then hooked onto the patient’s braces (brackets and bands) or an appliance fitted in his or her mouth. This creates a forward “pulling” force to pull the upper jaw forward.