Herbst Appliance

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The Herbst appliance is a functional orthopedic appliance which postures the patient’s lower jaw (mandible) in a forward direction. This appliance is used in growing patients to promote forward growth of the lower jaw. When a child is growing, it is possible to improve the balance of the jaws with a Herbst appliance. In this [...]

Serial Extractions

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Perhaps the most important stage in a person’s dental development falls between the ages of five and 12. During these years, the primary teeth are lost and are replaced by adult teeth. By evaluating the teeth at an early age, the orthodontist can reasonably predict whether or not there will be enough room for the [...]

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

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The goal of first-phase treatment is to develop the jaw size in order to accommodate all the permanent teeth and to relate the upper and lower jaws to each other for good facial balance and esthetics. Children sometimes exhibit early signs of jaw problems as they grow and develop. An upper or lower jaw that [...]

Functional Appliance/Frankel Appliance

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A functional appliance is a device designed to alter the relationship between the upper jaw and the lower jaw. It is best used on patients whose bones are still growing, thus taking advantage of the relative immaturity of these bones. These appliances are custom-made and specifically designed to realign the jaws so that they are [...]

Rapid Palatal Expander

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The rapid palatal expander (RPE) is a fixed appliance which widens the patient’s upper jaw (maxilla). This appliance is used in growing patients to help correct both crowding and cross bites. An upper jaw that is too narrow is one component of your particular orthodontic problem list. Because you are still growing, the doctor will [...]

The Carriere® Motion 3D™ Class II Appliance

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With its sleek, aesthetic and non-invasive design, the Motion 3D Class II Correction Appliance provides greater comfort and shortens treatment time by up to four months. This advanced technology appliance delivers a natural, gentle and uniform force for distal molar movement with controlled rotation and tipping correction before brackets or other appliances are placed. Used [...]

The Carriere® Motion 3D™ Class III Appliance

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The Motion 3D Class III Appliance is a minimally invasive appliance intended to treat Class III malocclusions without extractions, painful orthognathic surgery or traditionally uncomfortable and obtrusive facemasks. This appliance is as easy to place as a bracket or buccal tube, and is designed to provide predictable results and create a harmonious, balanced profile, all [...]


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The first orthodontic examination does not always result in a recommendation for immediate treatment. After evaluating your child, the orthodontist may simply want to check your child periodically while permanent teeth erupt and the jaws and face continue to grow. This periodic examination, or observation visit, is usually scheduled at six-month intervals. These observation visits [...]

What To Do In An Emergency

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In the event of an emergency, please call our office right away so we can schedule an appointment for you. Please do not come directly to the office without calling first. Once you call, we can create a time to see you and give you the individual attention you deserve. If your emergency occurs after [...]

Payment Options

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We provide high-quality orthodontic treatment that can be customized to your budget. We accept many HMO and PPO dental insurance plans, and we offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs. We also offer an interest-free, no money down in-house financing plan. We accept CareCredit, LendingClub, Cash, Checks, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and [...]

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