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Why Use an Orthodontist Instead of a General Dentist for Braces?

Metal Braces. Clear Braces. Gold Braces. Invisalign. With these options, and so many more, how will you ever choose the best orthodontic option? If you’re in the process of exploring all the possibilities, a consultation with an orthodontist is highly recommended. Many general dentists offer a limited scope of orthodontic treatments in their office. Given […]

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A young female patient happily opens her mouth wide for the orthodontist to evaluate her for Invisalign Teen.

Benefits of an Early Orthodontic Evaluation

Your child might be too young for braces, but if permanent teeth have erupted, it’s not too early for an orthodontic evaluation. Most children do not require braces or any other type of orthodontic appliance until most or all their baby teeth have been replaced by adult teeth. However, there are some situations in which […]

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Portrait of a beautiful woman with braces on her teeth.

When is the Best Time to Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

Don’t worry. If you’ve passed the magic age to begin orthodontic treatment, you are not destined for a lifetime of misaligned teeth. It may be a relief to learn that orthodontic treatment can begin at almost any age. Children as well as adults can achieve orthodontic success through traditional braces, clear aligners, or another type […]

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Adults Can Get Braces, Too!

Braces for adults? You better believe it. We successfully treat patients of all ages in our friendly office that was designed for the comfort of everyone – regardless of age. When you’re here, don’t be surprised to see kids and adults waiting to be called for their appointment. Adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment for […]

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