Do I still visit my dentist for dental cleanings with braces or Invisalign?

2024-02-28T16:22:15+00:00February 15th, 2024|

If you have braces or Invisalign® clear aligners, should you continue visiting your dentist every 6 months for professional cleanings? Can your dentist still clean your teeth if you’re wearing braces? Spoiler alert - YES, it’s actually essential that you still visit your dentist throughout your orthodontic treatment! Here’s everything you need to know: Before [...]

I stopped wearing my retainer. Now what?

2024-02-16T16:31:41+00:00January 15th, 2024|

So you went through orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign® in the past. Maybe you started off strong wearing your retainer every night after treatment. Then, one night, you left your retainer in its case… and that turned into multiple nights… and months… and maybe even years! Now you're left wondering, “what do I do? [...]

Can I use whitening toothpaste with Invisalign?

2024-01-09T19:35:39+00:00October 30th, 2023|

On your journey to your perfect smile with Invisalign®, you may wonder what’s the best way to keep your teeth white and bright during your treatment. In your google search, you may find some suggestions about using whitening toothpaste and wonder if it’s true…can you use whitening toothpaste with Invisalign? Well our Invisalign doctors here [...]

10 Invisalign FAQs: Your guide to Invisalign treatment

2024-01-09T19:32:12+00:00October 9th, 2023|

Hey there, parents! In your busy day-to-day, you may be wondering if it’s still possible to fix your crooked teeth and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. And if you can benefit from orthodontics, can your 7 year old or teenager benefit too? Well the team at Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics is here to [...]

Invisalign® buttons vs. attachments: What’s the difference?

2023-11-30T23:27:21+00:00September 30th, 2023|

If you're on the journey to a stunning smile with Invisalign and the experienced Wiewiora & Dunn team, you may have heard of Invisalign buttons and Invisalign attachments. Or maybe you haven’t heard of them yet! Either way, we’ll dive into what these are, how they work, and how they differ.   The Basics Before [...]

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